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Angkor Wat covers more than 240 hectares and has a pyramid-like tower surrounded by four stone towers, all linked by corridors and galleries. The whole complex is surrounded by a moat 200 metres wide. What visitors see up close are the bas reliefs, sculptures carved from sandstone recreating scenes from Hindu mythology and Khmer campaigns to build an empire, along with scenes from their daily life. You'll find endless courtyards and pathways where you can do strolling meditation and admire the ancient builders' sense of form and symmetry.

Angkor Wat Temple Tour

Just outside is Angkor Thom, the last capital built by the Khmer kings. You'll also find Bayon, where dozens of gigantic smiling stone faces are either representative images of a king or the Boddhisatva Buddha.

Twenty kilometres away is the meticulously preserved temple of Banteay Srei, or the 'citadel of women'. Smaller than Angkor Wat, this is perhaps the best place to appreciate the sandstone art of the Khmers. Unlike the other wats, Banteay Srei was built with pink sandstone, and there are intricate carvings of divine males and females standing in deep recesses, and plant motifs on the posts.

Back in Siem Reap, the old Pshar market along the river offers handicrafts, silk cloth, paintings, wood carvings and other goods at bargain prices. On the north end, stalls sell local fruits and vegetables. The town boasts of restaurants offering familiar and international cuisine, along with local delicacies. You'll find Indian curries, teppanyaki beef, pastries and beer gardens all on one street.

Angkor Wat

Many overseas visitors don't realize until they arrive at the Angkor Archeological Park that Angkor Wat is actually only one temple in an incredible temple complex that sprawls over more than 400 square kilometers.

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